2012 Honda Fit







The Second generation Honda Fit has all the ingredient to be a segment winner. We went from bumper to bumper and looked at what makes the 2012 Honda fit such a big hit. We checked out the interior quality, the ride and handling, and the overall looks of a vehicle. The Fit scored better than any vehicle in it’s class. It has a major plus because of the resale value. American customers are willing to pay a high price for a second hand Honda and that makes the Fit a very desirable car to own. You always know that you will get a good price when you go to trade it in at the dealership. It costs around $16,000 depending on were you live, and $15,000 if you don’t get the Sport. Measuring up the competition, many cars at $20,000 don’t meet the bar for what you get on the Fit.

Rated at 27 Mpg in the City and 33 Mpg on the highway the Honda Fit looks good on paper. However on our test drive it exceeded those number. We showed 29 Mpg in the city and 37 Mpg on the highway. That is surprising since I have a very heavy right foot. If I can get that kind of economy I am sure you can get better!

2012 Honda Fit Sport-3

Honda took the outgoing Fit and engineered this Fit with improved suspension, steering and over all body rigidity. These changes result is a much better vehicle. Under the hood Honda improved the horse power to 117. It makes for a much better ride and drive. The 5 speed stick shift is a much better car, simple to drive and park.

Lots of room in the trunk or back, and the very cool fold flat magic seats. The interior is very straight forward and without complication. Simple and clean door panels and buttons.

Driving the Fit is fun, but it is also an economy car, not a sports car. But it”s perfect as a sub-compact car, and my choice in it’s class.


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