2013 Audi Allroad – Video

Nik J Miles takes a look at the American wagon and its return with the 2013 Audi Allroad

This is the new Audi Allroad. It’s a wagon as you can see. Wagons have a long history in America, and their popularity is on the rise. America fell in love with the wagon in the 1950’s 60’s and 70’s. But the wagons quickly fell out of popularity in the 1980s as American families moved towards the minivan. Some would argue the wagon never went away but it’s definitely back in a big way
Those who grew up with the wagon are ready for a more luxurious capable modern wagon that handles like a car.

Vehicles like the Audi Allroad looks sporty on the outside and come with some highly advanced technology on the inside
Audi have pioneered technology to allow them to use Google maps as part of their navigation system.

The safety systems and blind spot monitoring systems along with advanced controls to change the driving characteristics of the car are some of the things that make drivers attracted to the station wagon that has features of a more luxurious sports car. To reduce the cost of ownership Audi has placed a 2 L turbocharged direct injection engine under the hood with four cylinders and 211 hp along with the eight speed transmission the gas consumption is reduced making your trips to the pump more infrequent.

2013 Audi allroad in action

The sportiness is retained with 0 to 60 miles an hour times of 6.5 seconds and of course Audi’s legendary Quattro all-wheel drive is standard. The Audi design team makes an interesting and beautiful choices with a single frame grille design up front which has the vertical chrome struts and angled upper corners. below the bumpers you can see the stainless steel skid plates contrast contrasting body trim and aluminum roof rails accent the allroad. They finished the lower bumpers with a matte paint but still gave the buyer choices in some exterior design elements.

What attracts customers to station wagons and vehicles like the Audi all road is the amount of extra space that you get the wagon provides 27 ft.? of cargo space and ample 50 ft.? of cargo space with the rear seats folded down and to make life a little easier there is an electric tailgate to access the space

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