Test Ride: 2013 Victory Boardwalk

?Victory?s 2013 Boardwalk: a modern cruiser with a retro flavor?

By Arv Voss

Victory Boardwalk side feature photo

?In the event that you are one of those riders who no longer enjoys the intensity of riding an all-out sport bike and would prefer kicking back in a more relaxed riding posture on a stylish machine that smacks of history, independence and freedom, then have I got a bike for you.

Visually, the 2013 Victory Boardwalk comes across as a custom cruising bike with iconic ?old school? DNA right off the showroom floor. The stylish fenders are full and stylish, wrapping around the tires front and rear, and Victory?s traditional raised centerline spine runs the entire length of the bike from the front fender, over the stretched fuel tank to the rear fender. The chrome beach-style handlebars not only look cool and retro, but they?re comfortable and provide good control. The 2013 Victory Boardwalk rolls on classic-looking 60-spoke, chrome laced wire wheels (16×3.5?) shod with Metzeler Wide whitewalls – ME8980 130/90 16 67H up front and Metzeler ME880 150/80B16 71H in the rear.

2013 Victory Boardwalk

The 2013 Victory Boardwalk glistens with its share of bling, featuring chrome engine covers, exhaust, bars, trim and wheels, adding to the custom look. Seating serves up a comfortable blend of both cushion and support, positioning the rider ideally for fatigue-free long rides, while passengers are provided with a comfortable seat and well placed foot pegs (the passenger pillion portion of the seat is removable, for those who prefer solo riding). The Boardwalk riding experience is further enhanced by the comfort and security of spacious, cushioned floorboards that put the rider?s feet and legs in a comfortable position, while providing easy access to lower foot controls.

This latest Victory Cruiser sits just right with a 64.8-inch wheelbase and an overall length of 96.7-inches. The dry curb weight is a manageable 407 pounds, and the seat height measures 25.9-inches. The ground clearance is 5.7-inches and the fuel capacity is 4.7 gallons.

Suspension componentry consists of conventional telescopic 43 mm front forks, with 5.1-inches of travel and a single, mono-tube gas shock, cast aluminum rear with rising rate linkage, 3.0-Inches of travel and preload adjustable springs.

2013 Victory Boardwalk

Bringing the Boardwalk to a halt is a conventional hydraulic brake system with a 300 mm floating rotor featuring a 4-piston caliper up front, and a 300 mm floating rotor with 2-piston caliper aft.

2013 Victory Boardwalk - Steering

My test 2013 Victory Boardwalk wore a gloss Black exterior finish and came with a base price of $15,499. Options included a locking, removable windshield for $599.99 and an accessory heel/toe rocker shifter for $199.99, which along with Dealer prep and Handling (the latter can vary from dealer to dealer) brought the final sticker to an estimated $16,498.98.

SUMMARY: Cruising on the 2013 Victory Boardwalk delivers a feeling of coolness, comfort and confidence. It is extremely well-balanced and highly manageable. I picked up my press test bike at legendary bike customizer Arlen Ness? Victory dealership in Dublin, CA where the skies were overcast with a predicted slight chance of rain. The outside temperature was 41-degrees Fahrenheit – not ideal, but tolerable. Shortly after departing the dealership, it began to sprinkle lightly, and me with no foul weather riding gear. The light precipitation turned into a blinding, torrential downpour soon after, and with both the windshield and my helmet visor fogging and sheeted with rain, I missed a critical turn in my effort to avoid freeway travel to get home. No sweat, I reasoned, I would simply work my way back to my desired route. That didn?t happen and I wound up even further off course. Long story short, what should have been an hour and a half ride, wound up being over five hours long. At times, I had to open my visor and raise up over the windshield to gain some modicum of visibility.

2013 Victory Boardwalk - Seat

I finally had to resort to freeway travel in order to arrive home before dark which would have definitely resulted in a ?white-knuckle? riding experience in the near-freezing cold and wet scenario.

Thanks to the stability and manageability of the Boardwalk, I finally arrived home safely. The bike?s power delivery proved to be smooth, along with smooth gear changes, and the seat and riding position was ideal – suitable for a wide variety of rider statures. Riding later in more suitable weather, the bike was even more enjoyable, while it drew admiring glances and comments.

Bottom-line, if you?re looking for a stylish, comfortable and affordable cruiser with a retro-custom flavor, the 2013 Victory Boardwalk certainly fills the bill.

?SPECIFICATIONS: Victory Boardwalk-?13

Base Price:??????????????? ??????????? ??$15,499.00

Price as Tested:??????? ??????????? ??$16,498.98

Engine Type and Size: ??????????? 1731cc? four-stroke 50 degree V-Twin – air and oil ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? cooled withelectronic fuel injection with dual 45Mm ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? throttle body and staggered slash-cut dual exhaust ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? with crossover.

Horsepower (bhp): ??????????? ??????????? ??92.0??????????? @ 2,900 rpm

Torque (ft./ lbs.): ??????????? ??????????? 110.0??????????? @ 2,800 rpm

Redline at 5,600 rpm

Transmission: ??????????? ??????????? Six-speed constant mesh manual with wet multi-plate ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? clutch.

Drive Train:??????????? ??????????? ??????????? Primary drive – Gear drive with torque ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? compensator.

Final drive – Carbon Fiber Reinforced Belt

Suspension:??????????? ??????????? ??????????? Front – Conventional Telescopic Fork, 43 Mm ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? diameter, with 5.1-inches of travel.

Rear? – Single, Mono-Tube Gas, Cast Aluminum with ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? rising rate linkage, 3.0-Inches of travel and preload ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? adjustable spring

Brakes:??????????? ??????????? ??????????? Conventional hydraulic system – 300 mm floating rotor ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? with 4-piston caliper front /? 300 mm floating rotor with ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? 2-piston caliper rear.

Tires: ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? Metzeler ME8980 130/90 16 67H front / Metzeler ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ME880 150/80B16 71H rear, Wide whitewalls ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? mounted on 60-spoke spoke chrome lace wire ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? wheels. 16×3.5?.

Wheelbase:??????????? ??????????? ??? ??????????? 64.8 inches

Length Overall: ??????????? ?????????????? 96.7 inches

Curb Weight dry:??????????? ?? ??????????? 407 lbs. (dry)

Ground clearance ??????????? ??????????? 5.7? inches

Fuel Capacity:??????????? ??????????? 4.7? gallons.

Seat height:??????????? ??????????? ????????? 25.9 inches

0 – 60 mph:??????????? ??????????? ??????????Not tested













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