2013 Volvo S 60 T6 All-Wheel-Drive R-Design – Video

There are a total of 9 different models available of the S 60, but this is by far the most beautiful. Run your eyes over the 2013 Volvo S 60 T6 all-wheel-drive R-Design and you will not regret it. Volvo are a company that have a reputation for safety, and in recent years that reputation has been joined with one of performance. The new Volvos are all about the driving experience. 2013 Volvo S 60 T6 All-Wheel-Drive R-Design was introduced last year and delighted enthusiasts and newcomers to the brand. It returns for 2013 with the most powerful six-cylinder currently offered by Volvo. 2013 Volvo S 60 T6 All-Wheel-Drive R-Design has a 3 Lt. turbocharged engine that does not mess around by offering 325 hp That’s 25 additional horsepower from the regular S60 T6 all-wheel-drive and to add to that you can get 0 to 60 in just 5.5 seconds which is .3 seconds faster than the regular T6 all-wheel-drive.

When you go fast you definitely need to stop fast and the R-Design front disc brake diameter has been increased to help stopping power. The structure has been stiffened with the strut brace under the hood that links the suspension strut towers helping stiffened the body and improve steering response. 2013 Volvo S 60 T6 All-Wheel-Drive R-Design team have given this S 60 a little more attitude by shortening the front springs which increases stiffness by 15%. All the engine power arrives at the wheels in 2013 Volvo S 60 T6 All-Wheel-Drive R-Design via Volvo’s second generation speaks six speed automatic Geartronic transmission with sports mode. Of course the 2013 Volvo S 60 T6 All-Wheel-Drive R-Design would not be Volvo without the all-wheel-drive system. It delivers instant traction plus corner traction control with torque vectoring.


Stepping inside the R-design the driver and front passenger are welcomed to sports seats offering a highly supportive back rest, unique cushioning and deep side bolsters. The upholstery is exclusive to 2013 Volvo S 60 T6 All-Wheel-Drive R-Design and comes in off black leather with contrasting stitching and sports oriented textures that are accented with the embossed R-design logo across the front seat backrests. The interior also offers special editions with the R-Design sports steering wheel, Sports paddle shifters and on the dash the blue watch dial instrument panel.


The outside of the 2013 Volvo S 60 T6 All-Wheel-Drive R-Design sets the driver up for an thrilling experience. Before you even sit in the drivers seat you are emotionally charged and ready to go. It’s definitely a good looking car with attitude. Volvo convey a strong sense of emotion in their design. The slim roofline is accompanied by a distinctive contour on the shoulders and of the lower body which creates a double wave that stretches from the headlights and taillights.















Let’s not forget some of the driver assistance systems that debuted in 2013 Volvo S 60 T6 All-Wheel-Drive R-Design like pedestrian detection with full break. That is Volvo’s radar- and camera-based system can detect pedestrians in front of the car, warn the driver if anyone walks out into its path, and then automatically activate 2013 Volvo S 60 T6 All-Wheel-Drive R-Design’s full braking power if the driver fails to.


2013 Volvo S 60 T6 All-Wheel-Drive R-Design standard safety systems include City Safety, another world-first technology that made its debut on the Volvo XC60. City Safety is a driver support system aimed at preventing or mitigating collisions with a vehicle ahead occurring at speeds of 18 mph or less. It utilizes a closing velocity sensor to help determine whether a collision is likely. Depending on the closing speed, City Safety will either pre-charge the brakes or automatically brake 2013 Volvo S 60 T6 All-Wheel-Drive R-Design to help avoid a rear-end collision or lessen its impact.


The 2013 Volvo S 60 T6 All-Wheel-Drive R-Design, has impressive works, outstanding driving dynamics, a clean and advanced interior, simple and easy to use technology and safety features that are unmatched in the industry. A fine choice for those who want to look good, be safe and have a performance driving car.


It started $44,100 and fully equipped is close to $60,000


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