2015 Yamaha T-Max XP500F Test Ride

?2015 Yamaha T-Max XP500F Scooter?
A Sportbike-like High-Performance Scoot
Who says scooters are for sissies? Certainly not anyone who has taken a spin on the 2015 Yamaha T-Max XP500F scooter, which happens to be more sportbike than scooter. In fact, one might well refer to it as a ?Super-scooter?

Of course, there are lots of testosterone loaded male riders who cringe at the thought of being seen riding a scooter of any size, shape or form, but trust me, there?s nothing wimpy, or to be ashamed of about riding the Yamaha T-Max XP500F scoot. Notably, there?s no big V-twin ?potato, potato, potato exhaust note, but the fuel economy delivered by the Yamaha T-Max is an estimated 46 mpg and your neighbors won?t be ticked off when you fire it up for an early Sunday morning ride. There?s also no clutch or foot brake to concern yourself with either. Both front and rear brakes are operated by handlebar-mounted hand levers.

This super-scooter draws its motive force from a new for 2015, 530cc DOHC, 4 valve, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, forward inclined parallel 2-cylinder motor with electronic fuel injection and right side exhaust. The energy is directed to the rear wheel through a Continuously Variable Transmission as in ?Look Ma ? no clutch?, via a V-Belt final drive.

The T-Max?s suspension componentry consists of Inverted 41mm telescopic forks up front with 4.7 in of travel, and a mid-ship horizontal positioned rear shock, with 4.6 in of travel out back. The scooter rolls on Dunlop Sportmax 120/70-15 inch rubber in front and 160/60-15 tires in the rear mounted on 6-?swirl?-spoke alloy wheels at both ends. Stopping duty is handled by Hydraulic 267mm dual discs with radial-mount calipers for the front wheel, and a 282mm single disc in the rear.

The frame is a strong and rigid CF die-cast aluminum unit that helps to reduce the overall weight and improves the handling characteristics of the TMAX. The rear swingarm is also aluminum further contributing to weight reduction.
As already hinted at, the 2015 Yamaha T-Max XP500F scooter actually takes on the image of a sport bike, thanks in part to the newly designed twin-beam LED headlights, front cowl with a two-level windscreen, front fender, mirrors and instrument panel, which add to its sporty appeal and stylishly modern overall appearance. The instrument panel features round dials with a black based background featuring red accents for improved visibility while adding to the sporty persona. Instrumentation includes both an analog and digital speedometer with black based background featuring red accents for enhanced visibility and style, a digital odometer and digital clock, a bar graph fuel gauge with percentage of fill, a tachometer and a temperature gauge. A conveniently placed 12V outlet is also standard for charging needs.
A new Smartkey system allows the rider to keep the key fob in their pocket while providing the ability to start and turn off the engine without the need for a traditional key switch. Additionally, the Smartkey enables the rider to operate the steering lock, seat lock release and 12V electric outlet cut-off with the push of a button located in the center of the inner panel. A large under-seat storage space will easily accommodate a full-face helmet or other gear ? and even groceries.

The riding position for the T-Max is really quite comfortable with a long rider?s seat and short adjustable back rest and long foot boards featuring both flat and forward inclined foot rest areas. The handlebars are well placed for a comfortable reach, and the one-piece seat is extended for a passenger with foot pegs and side grip handles. Rear view mirrors are mounted forward with long bar extensions for good rearward visibility, and the cowl provides good wind protection for shorter riders. There are two stands ? both a side and a center stand.
My test 2015 Yamaha T-Max XP500F Scooter sported a Sonic Gray matte finish with Black and carbon fiber-look trim accents. The base sticker read $10,490., while the price as tested came to an estimated $10,740, but dealer handling and prep can vary.

SUMMARY: The Yamaha T-Max scooter is large, tipping the scale at 485 pounds, and the overall length is 86.6 inches, with a wheelbase of 62.2 inches. The seat height measures 31.5 inches with a gentle slope.
The T-Max is ideal for short commutes or longer cruises with its 4-gallon fuel tank and estimated 46 mpg for a comfortable range of more than 184 miles. Riding the T-Max delivers a pleasurable experience, although the rearward angle of the bars can make slow speed sharp turning capability a bit awkward for long-legged riders. A self-canceling turn signal would be a plus.
Starting and locking the front forks requires proximity of the fob to accomplish ? that is once one has studied the owner?s manual and follows the proper sequences. Releasing the seat to access the storage compartment beneath failed to be easily consistent, or perhaps it was me who was inconsistent in the proper sequence of things.

The ride quality delivered is comfortable and compliant, and in terms of the handling characteristics, the Yamaha T-Max is. easily maneuvered and well balanced.

Bottom line, if you could have only one two-wheeled form of transport, the Yamaha T-Max scooter is capable of fulfilling a variety of roles ? scooter, cruiser and sportbike, since it boasts some of the positive properties of each, and there?s definitely nothing to be ashamed of riding this scooter.

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Base Price: $10,490.
Price as Tested: $10,740.* Dealer prep and handling may vary.
Engine Type and Size: 530cc liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, forward inclined parallel 2-cylinder, DOHC, 4 valve, with electronic fuel injection.
Horsepower (bhp): Not given.
Torque (ft./ lbs.): Not given.
Transmission: Automatic CVT.
Drive Train: Final drive – V-Belt.
Suspension: Front – Inverted 41mm telescopic forks with 4.7 in of travel
Rear – Mid ship horizontal positioned rear shock, with 4.6 in of travel.

Brakes: Hydraulic 267mm dual discs – front / 282mm single disc.
Tires: Dunlop Sportmax 120/70-15 front / 160/60-15 rear mounted on 6-“swirl?-spoke” alloy wheels.
Wheelbase: 62.2 inches
Length Overall: 86.6 inches
Curb Weight: 485 lbs.
Fuel Capacity: 4.0 gallons
EPA Mileage Estimates: 46 mpg.
Seat Height: 31.5 inches
0 – 60 mph: Not tested.

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Arv Voss is a Northern California based freelance motoring Journalist and member and past officer of several noted Automotive Journalist organizations who contributes regularly to a number of national and international media outlets. He reviews not only cars, trucks and SUVs, but motorcycles as well.

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