2022 Acura MDX Type-S // Would you like a Shiatsu massage or Self-sealing tires?

There are five, 3-row luxury SUVs in the world that have sold over 1 million. But only one of them is number one, sitting on the throne. Can you guess which one it is? That’s right. It’s the Acura MDX and for 2022, Acura has upped their game, making it a Type-S.
In fact, the Acura MDX is the best-selling 3-row luxury SUV of all time and now Acura has stepped the game up even more with the introduction of a very special sports car version of the MDX.
After all, Acura knows a thing or two about racing. There’s an old-school demographic out there that believes you have to have a V8 to sound good and perform.
Well, that’s not actually true.
This has a V6, 355 horsepower, the best performing accurate SUV ever, and this vehicle shifts 30% faster in Sport Plus, and when you put your foot down, it sounds like music to the ears.
It looks very beautiful too. It looks pretty amazing from the front. The lower air intakes are actually purely functional. They’re needed to keep the engine cool with that turbo. Also, that black grill is outstanding, and wait until you see and hear those quad exhausts at the back of the vehicle. They’re also outstanding.
Everybody likes cool wheels and brakes. And of course, the new MDX Type S has those really nice 21 inch wheels and it comes with a four-piston Brembo because if it goes fast, it has to stop fast.
Wrapped around the tires is a new Continental Tire, which is self-sealing, not just a self-sealing tire. So, when you get a puncture you wouldn’t need to stop and get it fixed. The tire may allow you to drive indefinitely. So when you get a puncture, you could go into your next service until it has to be repaired.
There is something you may not know about the Acura logo. The Acura symbol is calipers, and that denotes precision in everything that the company does. And the MDX type S is no exception. The company is expecting this to be precise in everything. So, from my foot to my body weight shifting, to the blacktop, this vehicle is precise and takes into consideration so many things that you and I probably wouldn’t.
Of course, the interior is tricked out with highly exquisite leather. A premium cabin with hand-wrapped leather everything and contrasting stitching, plush carpets, interior, lighting, and massaging seats with multiple programs including Shiatsu.
The audio is what even the most dedicated audiophile would be into. Just the bass sound system alone, which is the ELS studio and was designed by Elliott China, the Grammy award-winning producer. Throwing 1000 watts over 25 strategically placed speakers.
Since Acura has such a strong sportscar Heritage. They know how rough a real racing machine can be. So they made sure this machine had a curtain of air to float on, so the family didn’t complain.
Active dampeners along with the air suspension, really increase the comfort level. And then, of course, you can do a lot of sports car-style driving. And the kids do less complaining.
So now you want to know how much it’ll cost you. The Type-S starts at just under sixty-seven thousand dollars, add the advanced package and it’s just under seventy-three thousand dollars, and for all that you get a massage, too.

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