2022 Mercedes E63 S // Family Sedan, Supercar, or both?…

This is a Supercar disguised as a family sedan. And if you’ve ever needed a little excitement, anything in the Mercedes AMG family that contains the letter “S” is a guarantee.

I’m pretty easy to please. All it takes is the sound of an AMG exhaust. But the E-class family of cars are also a friend and super friendly. Thanks to the MBUX system. That is Mercedes’ infotainment brain. It was originally a little clunky but now you can almost have a conversation with it. A lot of other vehicle companies haven’t been able to do what Mercedes have with their infotainment system.

Giving you a small example, when I was testing this car, I told it. I am too hot. It spoke up and adjusted the temperature to my liking and I didn’t have to lift a finger.

Thanks to Mercedes’s early adoption of technology. You will never miss a thing. When it comes to the display, the Mercedes AMG E63S has those huge two screens across the front, giving you all your infotainment and your gauged displays.

And if you want to use your device, you can do that. Seamless integration of Apple car play and Android auto is as simple as plugging and playing.

For the audiophiles, Mercedes have turned the speakers into art inside the car and audio leaves an impression, especially in a car like this.

You can impress your friends with the Burmester sound system and tweeters that pop out.

For most AMG, means the thrill of the drive. So you wanted more control over your Mercedes AMG E63S? Well, this vehicle has it, including race mode.
I am not sure why you would move it out of race mode. Apparently, there are other moves to you can change those Drive modes right from the steering wheel. And when you do the gauges change as well to let you know what mode you’re actually in.

The AMG steering wheel is quite a work of art with tactile touchpads and controls allowing you to keep your hands on the wheel for most of the drive. Yet still, be able to control most of the operations of the car.

There’s a five-spoke steering wheel, which gives you everything from buttons to tactile responses, but it is still under the hood. The oily bits if you will, that get excited for many.

Personally what gets me excited about this AMG E63S *IS* the oily bits, V8-4liter twin-turbo engine, outputting 603 horsepower. And a 0-60 time of around three seconds.

Mercedes still prides itself on the V8, one-man, one-engine idea. And like every handcrafted AMG engine. It has a nameplate signed by the engineer that built the engine. It’s those kinds of details that push the AMG brand over the top, further, connect with the buyer, and maintain that level of luxury we all know and love that comes with Mercedes.

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