Is this a moving disco ball? Trippy caterpillar? Mini’s new concept? The answer is Yes.

The next-generation Mini Vision acts like a Mini but also a moving glitter stick. What a fun car. Part automobile, all lounge club. Moving bed with duvet cover. Nap on wheels. In motion safe space. Small minivan who had a run-in with a millennial. Ok, I’m done.

The front of the car opens up like a hermetically sealed hatch, rising up. Allowing a sneak peek into the extremely tricked out inside. Big open modern lines complement the aesthetic that Mini shows off in LA.

The single door on the side opens to fully show the depth of the design team.

The Vision concept has three different modes:

Chill – As it implies, the bed folds out. Turns itself into a place of relaxation and tranquil peace. Unable to drive in this mode, you’re encouraged to recharge your body’s battery.

Wonderlust – “Not all who wander are lost” – this mode tightens up on the fun, but allows you to take the moving party further down the road. The steering wheel unfolds out, the seat turns around properly and you are set for destination FUN

Vibe – aka “Party central” Set the music that syncs up to the wheels on the outside adding to the overall fun and unique time. A round screen in the middle of the table allows for a fun viewing screen and a way to set up the music to keep the fun going

This is a multi-use piece of machinery. You can utilize this vehicle in so many ways. Taking you and a group of friends to the beach, creating a space for you to rest, just so you can open up the party shop and host the best time on wheels since the original limousine.

Now if only Mini would call this the MINI-van, they have been handed such a gift!


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