2023 Cadillac Lyriq 1st all-electric // Cadillac will never launch an all-new gas car again

​I was able to spend some time in Park City, Utah for the press launch of the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq. This is the first all-electric Cadillac, which is significant for several reasons.

The company has invested two billion dollars in the Spring Hill Plant, to build the Lyriq. This vehicle will actually do 312 miles on a single charge. The all-wheel-drive version will get about 500 horsepower and you can recharge it on a DC fast charger, in half an hour to get 195 miles of range.

This Cadillac Lyriq will surprise you when you see what it can do on the road. This vehicle will show you what a hundred-year-old company can actually do when it goes to an all-electric future. Let’s start with design. The design is super significant for the new Lyriq. And the reason why is because this is different from any Cadillac you’ve seen before. The front is very Cadillac because this is a depiction of the original Cadillac badge. The lines are laser-etched lights. And when you see the sequence of them lighting up, it is unique to that specific Cadillac. All the lights in the Lyriq are vertical LEDs.

And as you’ll see new versions of Cadillacs come out, this front end will look different. This is the new face of Cadillac for the years going forward. The cool thing about the back end is because of the way they’ve shaped this. There is no need for a rear windshield wiper, the rain just bounces off the back of the vehicle. To open the trunk, the Cadillac symbol just gets a push and the trunk opens in the back. You are afforded 28 cubic feet of space for all your luggage. When you take a trip and the back seats fold down, with just a clever little push of the button, that increases the rear cargo space to 68 cubic feet of space in the back. That is enough room for five dogs.

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