2023 GMC Sierra AT4X // behold, off-roading luxury

​The 2023 GMC Sierra AT4X is here, and I was able to test drive this in the blistering, unforgiving deserts in Anza-Borrego, California. They built it at GMC because customers were saying they wanted a super-luxury truck that was very capable and could do all the off-roading that their regular AT4 did, but it was very cool off-roading. They built it, and now 19 percent of people said they would take it off-road and really punish this truck.
We are going to do the same.
I’m not sure who gets punished more, the truck or me. At least this 2023 AT4X was built to be beaten up. After two days of desert running, I had to take some over-the-counter pain pills. Along with 112 degrees being the temperature out when I was able to test this out. Made my British skin thankful for sunscreen and air conditioning.
So, these vehicles are cool. They have rocker rails. This is what they were built for, also with red tow-hooks, that’s a signature of these vehicles, which shows that they are really made for off-roading. The AT4X has a unique front grill, and many other trim-specific luxury off-road options.
On the inside, the AT4X has a 15-inch diagonal heads-up, display 12.3 inches diagonal, a digital instrument cluster, and a 13.4’ infotainment screen. Surrounded in part by authentic Vanta Ashwood.
I told you it was luxurious, 420 horsepower, 1420 payload in the bed, and towing 8,900 lbs., not bad for a luxury off-road truck.


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