2023 Infiniti QX60 // my wifes top 5 reasons why she chose the QX60

One of the number one questions I get as an automotive reviewer is “what does my wife drive?” I’m here to tell you that we have owned an Infiniti QX60 and although this is the newer 2023 model year. Here are the five reasons why my wife chose the Infiniti QX60 as her daily driver. Number one is the size of the Infiniti QX60. What my wife loves the most about this vehicle is that it still has the functionality of being a sport utility vehicle. The versatility of a sedan means it’s small and Nimble.

Number two. My wife loves the fact that this is a three-row SUV, but it’s my kids that particularly love the third row. Why? Because you can actually recline the chairs back even further, to make it even more comfortable.

Number three, that mom doesn’t want to be seen by their kids as driving, a cool vehicle. Well, in the case of the Infiniti QX60, it rolls on 20-inch wheels, and from an exterior design standpoint. It’s all monochromatic meaning it’s all relatively the same color between black and gray. Add in an aggressive front hood and a raked rear top roofline, and you’re the coolest mom on the block.

Number four is on the interior. You get a little bit of luxury with the Infiniti QX60 and a ton of really cool technology. Starting with a twelve-point, three-inch touch screen display that integrates Apple car play and Android auto. You get USB and USB C powering areas for your devices and our favorite features are up top. It’s a moonroof that spans the entire roofline.

And number five could perhaps be the most important.
On the front of the vehicle, you’re going to have a forward emergency alert, which means the vehicle is going to alert you when somebody is in the front. Infiniti goes a step further with emergency braking as well. Meaning the vehicle will stop itself if it sees an imminent threat, you’ll get Lane departure warning technology to keep you in your lanes. The rear of the vehicle is where you will find the pedestrian alert making sure anyone crossing you from behind is accounted for. The Infiniti QX60 starts at fifty-four thousand nine hundred dollars.

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