2023 King Daytona // Last call for Dodge gas-powered muscle cars. Move over Petrol.

​Dodge has sent out the signal for the last call of the gas-powered V8 as it makes its journey to full electrification. And have done so in the grandest way possible with the Charger King Daytona. The latest to be called out and based on the Hellcat Redeye. This time around, however, Dodge broke the 800 horsepower mark giving us 807 horsepower, ten more than the Hellcat Redeye that it was based on with a supercharged 6.2 liter V8.

If the horsepower wasn’t enough, it’s boldly shown off in bright orange Go Mango color with matching Brembo brake pads. The special edition also has matte-black graphics on its hood, roof, rear spoiler, and rump, with the latter featuring the words "King Daytona.”

Dodge plans to continue making muscle cars. Only they will be ditching motors for all electric power. They plan on starting with the 2023 SRT Daytona. Dodge revealed a lineup of power levels for the concept. The lowest model, called 340 for the power output in kilowatts, makes 455 horsepower, while the next step up, the 440, brings 590 electric horses.

However, both models offer two horsepower upgrade options, called eStage 1 and 2, as over-the-air purchases from Dodge’s Direct Connection arm. The base model can be boosted to 495 or 535 horsepower, while the second tier can be raised to 630 or 670 horsepower. Dodge also says that the most powerful model will be the SRT Banshee which will feature an 800-volt electrical system.

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