2023 Toyota Prius // will Hollywood hate the new Prius?

​Hollywood will love the price of the Toyota Prius, starting under $28,000 and fully loaded for under $36,000.

Prius owner Tom Hanks is going to want the new Prius. Anything that helps the environment, especially at 57 miles per gallon. The Prius will be the first Toyota to wear the badge "Beyond Zero" for the brand. Further solidifying its relationship with the character actor and environmentalist Hanks.

The Sexiest environmentalist in Hollywood, Ryan Gosling, and his family now have lots of room for kids and pets. They can even take road trips back to their birthplace in Canada because of the AWD. Nobody will have to fight over charge stations because the Prius has six USB-C charging ports, so the family can keep the entertainment going.

Toyota said the drive was sporty, and they did not lie. Toyota has put almost 200 HP into the new Prius. On-screen and off-screen beauty and environmentalist Julia Roberts, who has won 4 academy awards, will almost certainly see the exterior beauty as a plus, and long-time Prius fan Leonard Dicaprio may be attracted to the new driving dynamic as he has been driving an electric Karma sports car.

Legroom is essential for Hollywood stars like Jeff Goldblum, who stands at 6 foot 4 inches, and although he does not often sit in the back of his Prius, he now may find it quite comfortable with thirty-four inches of legroom in the rear.

Toyota also wants to make sure their cars are safe. This Prius has safety sense 3.0 and some very practical safety features. Most wireless chargers in cars are in the front of the shifter. Toyota came up with a slot next to the shifter to securely place your phone to charge. Out of sight and out of distraction range.

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