2024 Volvo EX90 // The New All-Electric Volvo SUV can tell if You are Impaired

​Volvo has a mission to become fully electric by 2030 and climate neutral by 2040. The next step they take to make sure that happens is the release of the new flagship, the all-electric EX90.

All EX90s will come with a dual-motor all-wheel-drive powertrain, but the entry-level Twin Motor model makes 402 horsepower while the Twin Motor Performance variant makes 496 horsepower. Volvo says the Twin Motor model should be able to hit 60 mph in 5.7 seconds, while the twin motor performance should be able to get there in 4.7 seconds.

A 111-kWh battery pack gets you around 300 miles per charge. DC fast charging capability is standard and can afford you a 10% to 80% battery jump in about a half hour. Volvo used the EV architecture that allows for bi-directional charging, which means you can hook it up to your house to power appliances during a power outage or charge another EV if needed.

The safety features of the EX90 are second to none. Volvo rolls out the driver understanding system. The driver understanding system makes the EX90 the safest Volvo ever made. It comprises a whole suite of sensors, including two driver-monitoring cameras, ultrasonic sensors, and the first-ever standard LiDAR, which creates a shield of safety around the car that’s there for you at all times.

Not only is the EX90 a big step toward the electrification goal for Volvo, it’s also going to add to the economy and create jobs. Volvo plans to build the EX90 in its Ridgeville plant near Charleston, SC starting next year, and by then, Volvo is aiming for those production facilities to be climate neutral.

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