5 Things You Need to Be Aware of After a Car Accident


Experiencing a car accident can be genuinely frightening. The immediate concerns include potential injuries to yourself or others in the car and your future transport arrangements. In such situations, your mind is filled with countless thoughts. Nevertheless, understand the actions required at the scene of a car accident. With a clear goal, you’re less prone to making errors. Consequently, there are five crucial points to remember about a car accident. No matter the severity of your accident, consistently recall these tips to ensure the most favorable outcome.

Call a Personal Injury Attorney

Dealing with the aftermath of a severe car accident can be quite challenging, as you need to focus on your recovery while also managing financial strains from lost income and hefty medical bills. Engage a skilled personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible, who can start building your case, safeguarding your rights, and allowing you to concentrate on recuperation. Experienced attorneys like  Car accident lawyer Jimmy Doan have extensive expertise in handling auto injury cases and are well-versed in insurance companies’ strategies to combat personal injury claims.

Move Yourself and Your Vehicle to a Safe Location

Being aware of what to do after an auto accident is crucial. If you are in a minor accident and are physically unharmed, relocate your vehicle to the roadside, ensuring it doesn’t obstruct traffic flow. Always switch on your hazard lights and use reflective emergency triangles to signal other drivers to proceed cautiously.

If the crash is severe or there are injuries, leave the vehicles as they are. Regardless of how you feel post-accident, exercise extreme caution when exiting your car. Your judgment might be clouded due to the shock of the accident, which could inadvertently put you at risk.

Call 911

Many people operate under the assumption that there’s no need to dial 911 and report an auto accident if no injuries are apparent. A surprising number of drivers, about one in seven, do not have valid car insurance. Some manage to bypass the system by carrying falsified or expired insurance cards. If you are in an accident with an uninsured driver, you’re left in a challenging situation without recourse.

The absence of a police report documenting your accident leaves you without concrete evidence that the incident occurred. It’s worth noting that in certain regions, the police might not attend to accidents involving no injuries. You always have the option to request an accident report. Having this report can often accelerate the claims process. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure you obtain this document following any auto accident.

Physical Injuries

Nearly every car accident leads to some form of injury, with few exceptions resulting in no harm. Whiplash is one of the most common conditions after a vehicular collision. Even a minor incident such as a rear-end collision can cause it due to the swift motion of the head.

In addition to whiplash, other potential injuries from car accidents might involve fractured bones or contusions, typically necessitating medical care. Ensure your doctor thoroughly records all your injuries and their corresponding treatments during your hospital visit. The medical invoices and the detailed account of your injuries will serve as vital evidence when processing your insurance claim.

Psychological Distress

Many insurance companies are inclined to compensate for tangible injuries and damages if they stand a chance of losing. Yet, they will go to great lengths to sidestep covering any emotional or mental trauma stemming from an accident. They often triumph in this area, largely because many lack the know-how to provide evidence of mental anguish.

The optimal approach is to solicit the expert opinion of a licensed psychologist or counselor. If you’re in the process of substantiating this and have been consulting with a therapist, the judge may call for a court-sanctioned mental health assessment. While it might be challenging to prove, with the correct paperwork and a verifiable mental health effect from the accident, you can indeed obtain compensation.


The aftermath of an auto accident can have a ripple effect. It affects not only those at the scene but also families, insurance companies, law enforcement, and beyond. Follow the guidance above if you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being involved in an accident.

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