57″ Of Viewing Pleasure // 2022 Lexus LX600

There’s a new Lexus in town, this is the new LX 600. Now think Range Rover with Incredible off-roading but think luxury, that has amazing resale value and incredible reliability. And for 2022 the LX 600 looks sharp at front and back. This is the second Lexus to get the name spelled out across the back of the tailgate. The first one was the Lexus NX.

And of course, that is in true luxury fashion plus this now has a single-piece tailgate originally, it had a clam-shaped tailgate so you can open it in one single move. In some models, It has a kick open tailgate, plus the third row now folds down with electronic switches. Because in America, we don’t like to do anything manually. If we can have a switch.

Will it ever have enough room for everyone in my family you ask? The Lexus LX 600 now comes in four, five, six, or seven, people seating configurations. And because you deserve it, now in the ultra-Luxe version of the LX 600, there is ultra-luxury. The seats fold all the way flat, this is only a 4-seater, I can relax in full style while it gives me a full-body massage. Once the seat is back, I could fold out the ottoman from in front of me, put my feet out and get a full body massage.

There are fifty-seven inches of screens in this vehicle, three in the back, and three upfront. A cascading AC on top of me to keep me cool. And of course, this is the lifestyle that I will become accustomed to.

Fifty-seven inches total screen space in this vehicle. Because there are three screens on the inside here, the gauge cluster, and then the screen for the entertainment. Plus, the off-roading screen. We can choose the camera angle and that camera angle makes the front hood disappear and because the front hood disappears, when I’m doing hill descent, I can see the road in front of me because I can’t, see it out of the windshield, I can see where my tires are and using the hill descent control. I just basically have the car do all the work.

The LX 600 also adapts to conditions Active Ride Control, allowing you to lower or raise the vehicle and then lower or raise by 7 inches, which is useful. When you want to go off-roading or do a little Dynamic speeding along the highway. Yes, it can hunker down and get some fast speeds. You know, its quality by the sound and notice how quiet it is. In fact, as I drive this vehicle. It’s almost silent on the inside.
It is also tough, Tundra tough. Now, the new LX 600 is built on the same platform as the Tundra and the Toyota Land Cruiser. Unfortunately, we no longer get the land cruiser in North America.

Although you may not even take it off-road you know, it’s capable. Now using the crawl control to go downhill. This is cool. There are a couple of things about this that are special. First, I can control the speed here by using this dial and rotating it up and down. I’m doing nothing apart from steering. The vehicle is controlling the speed up and down in this Steep Hill. That’s very cool

Now, of course, you get to select different driving modes in this vehicle, and you can select from Eco, Comfort, normal sport, sport plus, plus a custom mode where you can choose how the vehicle handles and some big improvements.

The towing has changed for the LX 600. You used to only be able to tow 7,000 pounds, which is up to 8,000 pounds.

The sounds are good, too. The LX 600 has a standard Mark Levinson Sound system with 10 speakers, but you can upgrade it to a twenty-five speaker Mark Levinson sound system if you should so desire, that upgrade costs you just over twenty-one hundred dollars.

Yes, and the power is new. Now the last version of the LX had a big old V8 under the hood, but Lexus has scaled it down to a 3.5 V6 with a twin-turbo and this version has a 10-speed automatic instead of the 8-speed. The last version had. Get our pennies out, the selling price of the LX is around eighty-six, thousand dollars before your delivery and taxes. If you want to scale up to the Ultra Luxury version.

This vehicle. It’s about 126 thousand dollars before all your extras. And you know me. I like a lot of extras.

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