All new 2022 Kia EV 6 // Kia has plans for 11 new electric cars by 2026

Coming to you from Napa Valley, California, and I’m really excited about this new vehicle. It’s the second electric vehicle from Kia. The EV6 is a bold new design from Kia, but it comes along with a bold, new piece of information. Kia is telling me they will have 11 new electric vehicles here by 2026. That’s just four years away, the looks of the EV6 are definitely distinctive. It’s not hard to see why many people are in love with it already before they’ve even got behind the wheel.
That tiger-nose look in the front and the grill continues, but a lot of it is now in a light accent upfront. The wheelbase is as big as their Telluride, which is their large SUV. 19-inch wheels are the standard. But if you get the GT line, which is the sporty trim level, which is available at launch. It actually gets 20-inch wheels. The Door handles flush with the body and if you go all the way down to the side and round the back, those lights go up into a sort of tail fin in the back.
They double as a fin and aero fin at the back of the vehicle and the look at the back is almost as gorgeous as the look of the front of the vehicle.
The size of the EV6 is Big. It’s a lot bigger than it even looks in pictures. Once you get inside the futuristic design continues with a theme of sustainability materials on the inside vegan leather is an option. Plus there is over 24 cubic feet of trunk space, 50 cubic feet. If you put the second row down and over 100 cubic feet of passenger space.
Now at launch, there will be three trim levels available, light, wind, and the GT line. A GT version of this car will come in late 2022, early 2023, which will be the GT version, and will have 577 horsepower. Now, this vehicle was actually designed partly in Germany in Frankfurt, partly in Seoul, Korea, and partly, in Irvine, California USA. So it’s a combination of three different continents, putting together a world car. And you can see this vehicle is ready for the world.

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