Now many of us are familiar with electric car companies like Tesla, Fisker, Lucid, Rivian, or even Karma Motors, but have you heard of a company called Arcimoto? I test drove their FUV. It is a fun alternative to expensive $50,000 plus cars and SUVs.

It may not be suitable for the whole family for transportation, but it is perfectly suitable for urban living for two people or delivery drivers. The FUV is also designed for emergency response for paramedics and law enforcement.

When you look at the design of this FUV it reminds me a little bit of a microlite or small helicopter. The design mimics a pilot or race car driver cockpit. One plus one seating allows for some of the most spectacular views. No windows on either side afford the riders the ability to exit on the left or right. The windshield is a single blade mechanism that was never an issue. The roof is covered in plastic giving you the sunroof look being see-through. Having the lights positioned the way they are, looks just like a motorcycle. Having the passenger behind the driver really adds to the efficiency of the ride and the cool aesthetic.

If it only had a blade up top you could fly. There are several other models, one designed for delivery that gives you extra room for merchandise, a Roadster for when you need to tackle rough terrain and environments in a hurry.

These may not have a steering wheel but it does have a responsive motorcycle-like handle and throttle. They come with seat warmers for the front and back, including handlebar warmers. Available upgrades for cell phone holder, navigation, and music via Bluetooth.

A dual electric motor will get you where you need to go with 75 horsepower and up to 100miles of range in the city on one charge. Arcimoto is having trouble keeping up with orders despite the starting price being just under $18,000. Whether you need it to do your delivery’s in, scale some rough terrain quickly, or use it in an emergency situation. This multipurpose three-wheeler is much more than fun.

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