Are people buying more motorcycle’s because of gas prices?

​May is one of the biggest months of the year for the motorcycle industry. Not only is it that time of year when consumers dust off their motorcycles for spring riding, but it also happens to be motorcycle safety awareness month. But this month of May is different from any other in the history of the motorcycle industry, why? Gas prices are soaring, and many consumers are considering two wheels instead of four. According to AAA gas is still above $4 a gallon nationally. And with gas prices at an all-time high, motorcycle sales are skyrocketing.

New data from the motorcycle Industry council shows bike sales are up more than fourteen percent year over year. 2022 marks the second consecutive year that motorcycle sales are up, and many consumers that are switching to two wheels are looking at bigger bikes like the BMW R18. Bigger bikes, like the R18, are designed for the US market the R18 is a performance cruiser and features the highest displacement boxer engine, that BMW has ever built.

The R18 offers 42 and a half miles per gallon and consumers, what they love most about motorcycling is the ability to customize their bike to their specific needs.

Outside of the bike consumers have a strong demand for rider training and education as well. According to the motorcycle safety Foundation, class enrollment increased 48 percent from 2021 to 2022. If you are new to riding, you should complete an “MSF” course to make sure you are learning the rules of the road and the skills needed to be a competent rider

With May being motorcycle safety awareness month. We live by three words, always gear up. Start with your jacket, one that can have a backplate added in. Make sure the helmet you choose has all appropriate markings and stickers, followed by the gloves and at least ankle-high boots The base price of the BMW R18 is $15,995

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