Audi adds super fast R8 GT model

Audi is keeping the R8 sports car fresh and in the limelight by continuing to offer new variations.? The latest is the R8 GT, which is more powerful, lighter and faster.? The output of its 5.2-liter V-10 has been increased to 560 hp; vehicle weight has been reduced by 221 lbs. so that it now accelerates from zero 62 mph in 3.6 seconds and reaches a top speed of 198.84 mph.

One highlight of the R8 GT is the standard LED headlights, which use light-emitting diodes for all functions. The taillights, which also use LED technology, have dark housings with panes of clear glass.

The defining element of the side view is the sideblades, which direct air to the engine and in the R8 GT are also made of matte carbon. The same material is used for the reduced-size housing of the side mirrors, which are mounted on an aluminum base. The 19-inch wheels feature an exclusive five twin-spoke Y design in a titanium-look finish. The front fenders sport ?GT? badges.

The modifications to the rear of the car include the matte carbon fixed wing. The ventilation louvers on both sides of the rear hatch and the CFRP bumper, which integrates the large, round tailpipes and vents for the wheel wells, have been redesigned, too.

The exclusive series is limited to 333 units and each car has a badge with its production number on the shift lever knob.

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