The Audi S3 goes head-to-head with BMW’s M235I Gran Coupe, Cadillac’s CT4V, and the Mercedes-AMG A35.  The interior of the Audi S3 is much the same as the Audi A3. You’ll find a similar infotainment technology in the S3 as in the Audi A4, A6, Q3, and the Q5. I made the mistake of driving these two vehicles in the wrong order. I should have driven the Audi A3 followed by the Audi S3. Because the Audi S3 is everything I want in a super sporty Audi.  I drove the sporty version first and then the pedestrian version.  It is like eating your dessert first.
Both cars will be powered by a two-liter turbo 4-cylinder engine; the Audi S3 outputs 306 horsepower with a standard all-wheel-drive system (Audi call Quattro).  The Audi S3 has a more aggressive and slightly lower suspension, upscale racing sports seats, a fancier grill, and four exhaust tips at the back.

I was driving at a high altitude outside Denver so a 0-60 test in this vehicle was almost pointless as the amount of oxygen in the air was depleted and the test wouldn’t have been at all accurate. At the same time finding a flat road in decent temperatures was another challenge. Needless to say, 4 1/2 seconds is somewhere close to the target that Audi says they can get out of the vehicle.
A much improved exterior design. New colors and everything you’d expect on the interior from Audi. An amazing dynamic Canyon Carver and the complete package for anybody that loves spirited driving in the disguise of a small commuter car, you will find the S3 the perfect package for this single person. But you might be hard pushed to squeeze more than two people into this compact shuttle with a turbo.

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Both the A3 and the S3 are on sale right now with a starting price of $34,945.00 A3.  If you want to add step the all-wheel-drive or what Audi calls Quattro it will cost an extra $2000. And if you’re so inclined to buy the S3 which is the model I would buy.  The starting price is $45,945.

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