Auto News: First CODA electric car rolls off line

?CODA: A classically styled all-electric zero emission sedan??

If you happen to be in the market for a sensibly designed, all-electric vehicle (no spaceship styling here folks) then a CODA sedan may well be in your future. Coda artfully blends form and function in a no-nonsense packaging approach.

Shopping for a CODA is easy too, there?s only one trim level ? Top-of-the-line, which simplifies vehicle selection. The CODA is a four door sedan that accommodates five passengers comfortably. The only choices that need to be made are color -? CODA comes in Silver, Black, White, Dark Blue, Dark Gray and Red; two styles of aluminum wheels are available; and interior material ? luxury eco-friendly seat fabric or leather. CODA?s base price is set at $37,250 with an $895 Destination and Handling charge, which brings the total sticker to $38,145. Federal and individual state tax savings and credits may bring the price down to $22,250.

In terms of styling, since there?s no conventional gas or diesel powerplant to deal with, CODA?s front end needed no grille for cooling, hence a nose that?s distinctive without drawing undue attention to itself. The rest of the car speaks to simplicity, with clean purposeful lines and no unnecessary frills. It?s attractive, if not emotionally stirring.

CODA?s power is provided by a 100kW UQM? PowerPhase? electric motor powered by Lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4) ? 31 kWh – 333 V / DC converter- 2.2 kW@ 13 V output and 6.6 kW/240VAC input or 1.3 kW/110 VAC input (for backup charging). The peak horsepower amounts to 134, while torque delivery is rated at 221 pound feet. Energy reaches the drive wheels via a BorgWarner?oeGearDrive? single speed transmission that delivers high efficiency, high torque capacity and low noise, vibration and harshness in a cpmpact package. Obviously, there?s no direct emissions or exhaust either.


CODA Automotive is a privately held company headquartered in Southern California that designs, manufactures and sells electric vehicles and lithium-ion battery systems, purpose-built for transportation and utility applications. CODA?s goal is to reduce global dependence on fossil fuel, with a focus on green technology and quality. Every CODA comes backed by a 3-year / 36,000-mile warranty, 5-year / 60,000-mile powertrain warranty and 10-year / 100,000-mile limited battery warranty. CODA depends upon more than 30 suppliers on four continents, allowing for the development of affordable EV technology.

Key features (no pun intended here) CODA operates by turning it on with a simple, traditional ignition key ? nothing trick or fancy. Turn the one-of-a-kind?gear knob to shift between Park, Reverse, Neutral and Drive.? Every CODA also comes with an Alpine? all-in-one audio, video and GPS navigation system on a 7-inch, color touch screen. A Premium Alpine sound system is available with the leather interior upgrade. Bluetooth? provides hands-free calling, along with MP3, iPod?, iPhone? and USB connectivity.

There?s also a Battery Management System that constantly monitors the vehicle?s battery state of charge allowing the driver to always be aware of existing range. The battery is located between the front and rear wheels for optimum weight distribution, as well as optimizing usable interior space, and it?s protected from excessive heat or cold by an Active Thermal Management system.


? Charging is easy with CODA?s best-in-class 6.6kW available in home charger?which is eligible for a tax credit. Basic charging systems consist of: a level 1, 120V system and a charging cord comes with the CODA as standard ? full charging with this system can take from 36-40 hours; the level 2, 220V home charging station is a better method, with full charging achieved in roughly six hours (a 50-mile range is available after only a two hour charge. A federal tax credit of up to $1,000. is available to offset installation costs of this system. CODA actually recommends a wall-mounted WattStation? by GE as the preferred home charging system, based on 30 amp output to ensure faster charging. Other chargng sources are publicly available and may be located? via PlugShare ? a down-loadable mobile app.

What happens if something should go wrong with your CODA? Actually, since there are fewer moving parts in the CODA compared to a conventional gas-powered vehicle, there?s less likelihood of anything going awry, but to be on the safe side, CODA has developed a regular maintenance schedule to ensure that your vehicle is operating at maximum efficiency. This schedule may be carried out at any of CODA?s certified dealers in the network, and while your vehicle is being serviced, CODA will provide a courtesy loaner vehicle from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. CODA also offers as standard, a 24/7 roadside assistance program along with a CODA Call Center.

In terms of safety, CODA delivers standard features such as ABS brakes,? Electronic Stability Control and Traction Control to provide driver confidence, along with a smart airbag system.

CODA recently rolled the first production car off the assembly line and made its first San Francisco Bay Area customer delivery at CODA of Silicon Valley, the area?s first and only exclusive stand-alone dealership located at 4175 Stevens Creek Blvd. Santa Clara, CA 95051. CODAs arrive into the port of Oakland in California and receive final assembly in Benicia, CA.?


CODA Four Door Sedan-?12


Base Price:?????????????? ??????????? $37,250.

Price as Tested:??????????? ??????????? $38,145.


Engine Type and Size:??????????? 100kW UQM? PowerPhase? electric motor powered by Lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4) ? 31 kWh ? 333 V / DC converter- 2.2 kW@ 13 V output and 6.6 kW/240VAC input or 1.3 kW/110 VAC input (backup charging.


Horsepower (bhp):??????????? ??????????? 134 peak.

Torque (ft./ lbs.):??????????? ??????????? 221


Transmission:??????????? ??????????? Single speed gear reduction.


Drive Train:??????????? Front mounted motor.

Suspension:??????????? ??????????? ??????????? Four-wheel independent

Front ? MacPherson strut.

??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? Rear –


Brakes:??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ABS, ESC with Traction Control.


Tires:??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? 205/45/17 all season mounted on 5-double-spoke ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? alloy wheels.


Wheelbase:??????????? ??????????? ??????????? 102.4??????????? inches

Length Overall:??????????? ??????????? 176.4??????????? inches

Width:??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ? 67.2??????????? inches

Height:??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ? 58.0??????????? inches

Curb Weight:??????????? ??????????? ??????????? 3,670??????????? lbs.


Fuel Capacity:??????????? ??????????? N/A??????????? gallons

EPA Mileage Estimates:??????????? Range = Up to 125 miles. Charge time ? 6 hours from ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? 220V (30 amp EVSE) [3].


Drag Coefficient:??????????? ??????????? Not listed.

0 – 60 mph:??????????? ??????????? ??????????? Not tested ? Top Speed 85 mph ? electronically ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? ??????????? limited.



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