Best affordable electric vehicles? // watch this!!

Buying electric vehicles can be extremely expensive. The new Hummer EV will cost over one hundred and ten thousand dollars. Getting into the electric vehicle game doesn’t have to be expensive. We put together a list of the least expensive, new electric vehicles, in America.

Nissan will announce some changes to the leaf at the upcoming New York Auto Show, but for now, it remains the most inexpensive mainstream electric car in America. The manufacturer recommended a retail price starting at twenty-seven thousand four hundred dollars. The Nissan Leaf comes with a range of 149 miles. You can step it up to the Plus extended range getting 226 miles.

Mini is one of the better brands for everything from the drive, customer experience, maintenance, and value for your money. Starting at twenty-nine thousand Nine hundred dollars for an electric car before tax credits. The Mini SE is still eligible for those coveted federal tax credits. Adding those into the equation and this deal is remarkable. The Mini SE has everything you’d expect from a Mini, go-kart-like handling, and British styling.

The 2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV got some major upgrades this year that brought it into line with many other EVS. Chevrolet added some serious updates and added Apple car play and Android auto. Amazingly it offers 259 miles at a starting price of thirty-one thousand dollars,

Mazda MX-5 30 comes in at thirty-three thousand four hundred and seventy dollars and offers 100 miles of range. The car looks nice and has lots of nice features and equipment. But we can only imagine it is a compliance car since they plan to sell very few in the US and it seems a high price for a vehicle that offers only a hundred miles.

Not only is the Hyundai Kona cute, but it’s a fun drive and has lots of storage space. The Kona has a great range of 258 miles. It’s very quick, nimble, and is insanely fun to drive. I would spend my own money on this, and add it to my fleet of cars. Hyundai has done a great job of making it look good at the same time of making it fun and practical to drive. You are getting quite the package deal at thirty-four thousand dollars.

There’s quite a lot to learn when owning an electric vehicle. It’s very different from owning a gas-powered car. Make sure you understand how it works and the range that your vehicle has. Maintenance and upkeep costs are much different. You’ll soon find that when you own one that range isn’t everything.

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