BEST EVs of 2023?

Pickup trucks are one of the hottest items for electric vehicles. The biggest problem is that they are in Short Supply. The Rivian RT1 is at the top of that list. Unfortunately, the fastest you can get an RT1 is 40 Days after ordering. Buyers should expect a wait of 6 months if they still need to be added to the reservations list.

The second recommended Pick-Up Truck is the Ford F150 Lightning. It’s a hot item, so you could wait for years if you are not on the reservation list already.
There are at least five other Pick-Up trucks scheduled for release in the next 12 to 24 months, so get on the waiting list now if you want one.

Small family cars are more readily available than any other electric vehicle on the market.
The Chevy Bolt EV and EUV are on dealer lots. Starting under $26,000, it is an excellent buy. The car that started the modern era of electric vehicles was the Nissan Leaf. It starts at around $29,000 and is a solid choice. Finally, a huge fan favorite is the Mini SE. These begin under $30,000 and are the most exciting to drive.
Unfortunately, this Mini is hard to come by, but if you widen your search area, you can find them.

The recommended list of Luxury electric sedans has the BMW i4 at the top, Followed by the limo-style BMW i7 and the Mercedes EQS sedan. All three are great drivers and have varying ranges, prices, and technology. Since this is the luxury category, you will have a price range from $85,000 to $130,000, depending on the model you want. The waiting time is around three months. Modifying your car to your taste is also recommended as many options are available.

Family SUVs are the hottest category of new electric vehicles this year; most are available on dealer lots. The Kia EV6 was the 2023 North American Utility car of the year; it is a thrill from hood to trunk. The Hyundai Ioniq five and the Ford Mach-E also make the list of recommended family SUVs. In addition, the Ford Mach-E’s performance and infotainment are class leaders compared to the competition, making it far above other vehicles in the class. All three electric SUVs are on dealer lots now and will not disappoint future owners.

The electric luxury SUV category is one of the most contended. Recommended is the Mercedes EQB, an entry-level offering starting at $53,000. The Volvo XC40 and C40 are both great offerings in electric cars. Expect them to be available in states that are electric-positive. Finally, the BMW iX is fantastic, well-balanced, well-equipped, and has outstanding usable tech. The design needs some work, but no doubt this would be a great daily driver.

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