There’s no complaining about temperatures in the mid-70s in March. Most people can agree. This is warm enough or cool enough for what is becoming one of the best car shows in America.

One of the new and emerging car events on the calendar is Amelia Concours’ Elegance near Jacksonville, Florida.

BMW showed off the new X6M and X5M, plus a highly updated X5 50E with some considerable electrification.

Eight versions of the new X5 and X6 are available, and here are some of the best features.

They all get an updated design. And all models get some form of electrification from a 48-volt system to a full PHEV. With new powertrains and technology, these new BMWs are ready for automated driving and parking. BMW has included Sci-fi tech with what is now an industry-leading infotainment and operating system, the iDrive 8, which can be updated to iDrive 9 over the air.

Refined interior with the new BMW curved screen can be operated by voice, the iDrive itself, or touch. The iDrive 8 allows owners an over-the-top customizable layout.

Pricing ranges from around $65k to roughly double that of North of $120k. BMW has tried to satisfy all driver expectations, starting with the angelic X5 50E, a true plug-in hybrid.

It is expected to do around 40 miles on electricity alone, with a home recharge time of just over three and a half hours. But it is no couch slouch with a vast 483 HP under the hood it is the combination of the gas and electric engine working in perfect harmony.

The X5M has a Tron-style diabolic look with an illuminated grill. A mixture of gloss and matte black new chiseled facia, you cannot help but notice the triangular air intakes with visible heat exchangers.

If the X5M needs this much cooling air for the engine and brakes, you would expect the performance numbers to be impressive. And they are 617 hp, which is completely insane. BMW has added a 46-volt hybrid component to the new twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8.

In addition, it has also added carbon fiber paddle shifters to make it look extra cool.

Like the X6M, the 5 has many luxury features like heated and cooled cup holders. A 12.3-inch curved screen, digital gauges, M buttons, heated and cooled everything, and even a digital key.

At this stage, you could close your eyes and point. Whichever you end up getting is going to be one of the best M series BMW has ever made.

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