Best Super Bowl car ad? // Super Bowl LVI car ads

The Super Bowl has always been a place for car companies to advertise their new product. But because of covid, we weren’t sure who would come to the game this year. Well, Nissan did with their commercial, utilizing all-star superheroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You see, a man with two left feet. Can be a superhero.

As in the past, Toyota booked a spot to play in the big game. They focused on a real story about two Paralympic brothers. One of them was diagnosed with an ocular disorder as a child. And despite his condition, the brothers overcame the odds. After Brian lost his eyesight. They went on to win 10 medals in the Paralympic Games. Introducing the new tag “Start your impossible”

BMW is the largest luxury manufacturer in the world. Came back to the Super Bowl. Enlisting A list celebrities with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek as Zeus and his wife Hera.

Showing off the new electric iX fleet. Electricity in its ultimate form, very well produced, informative and entertaining BMW hit all the points on what the Super Bowl ad is all about.

It was no secret that General Motors booked a spot in this year’s Super Bowl. General Motors somehow jumps back to the 1990s. Mike Myers crew from Austin Powers with Dr. Evil who turns good to save the world. By doing so, GM’s beautiful display of upcoming electric cars helps Dr. Evil in his new plan to save the world

So what do I think was the best spot in this year’s Super Bowl for auto manufacturers? Move over hamsters. We found a winner. Kia had the best spot in this year’s big game. It may be because I’m such an animal lover. It’s everything that a TV spot in the big games should be. Now. I want to buy the robotic dog more than Kia’s new electric car, the EV 6

We’re going to do it all again next year. Did anyone notice the game going on around the commercials?

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