BMW enters the electric thunder dome, with the i4 // What kind of car is it though?

​I first drove the BMW i4 in Germany just about a year ago, and I can tell you. This is the first electric car I really, really wanted to own. It was designed not to look like an electric car but to look like every other BMW. It just happened to be electric. If you weren’t quite sure because you thought electric cars were beaten with the ugly stick. This might be the electric car you should have in your driveway.

Let’s be honest. BMW has created quite a few problems with categories of cars. The i4 is not a sedan. It’s not a coupe because it doesn’t have two doors. Although some would argue that you can have a four-door coupe, and it’s not a hatch bag because it doesn’t have a parcel shelf that lifts out. However you classify this car, it is very sexy.

There are a couple of things that are a giveaway on this vehicle. That tells you that it’s an electric BMW. First of all, it doesn’t need cooling because it doesn’t have an ice engine, so the grill is sealed. Second of all, there is blue around the BMW logo. It comes with two or three different options. This vehicle ranges between 250-ish and 300 miles, depending on your configurations. Apart from that, this vehicle is pretty straightforward for ordering. The bad news is, it’s so popular you might be waiting well, over a year.

BMW thought of everything. One of the other things I like is having a driveway with multiple cars in it. I can drive into the driveway, and then, when I’m into the driveway, I can actually Park the vehicle. If I wish, I can hit back up assistant here and take my hands off the wheel, and the vehicle will back out exactly the same way that I came in, and it will do all the turning.

So it’s using the wheel to back out the same way that I came in, and it will back out onto the street exactly how I came into the vehicle. All the way out, the way I came in, and all I’m doing is controlling the break. So I did nothing, and I’m exactly back where I started on the street, and that’s an absolute piece of brilliance.

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