Books: Camaro: Five Generations of Performance

It took General Motors a couple of years to react to the tremendous success of the Ford Mustang, but they did respond, they did it in style with the Chevrolet Camaro and the pony car battle began.? Author Darwin Holmstrom and photographer David Newhardt have captured the Camaro history from that beginning right up to the dramatic fifth generation.

Displayed in 348 pages with 280 full color photos, Camaro documents the full story of the race to capture the emerging youth market in the 1960-s and Chevrolet?s efforts to out-muscle the Mustang.? All the classics cars are in the book: RS, SS, Z/28 and IROC-Z, along with performance numbers for most of the cars.

Using historic photos provided by GM Holstrom was able to illustrate the designs, the concepts and even some of the advertising.? It covers all the Camaro pace cars and even the aftermarket modifications of Callaway.

The book is a must-read for any Camaro enthusiast.

The larger format hardcover book is on sale a books stores, priced at $29.99, or its available through the publisher, Motorbooks, a Division of Quayside Publishing Group.? For more information or to order Camaro: Five Generations of Performance, online go to




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