Books: Chevrolet Volt: Charging into the Future

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Chevy Volt

Even before the new Chevrolet Volt, started rolling out of dealerships in December 2010, Larry Edsall?s book Chevrolet Volt: Charging into the Future was rolling off the printing presses.

Chevrolet Volt, the book, was officially licensed by General Motors which gave Edsall unprecedented access to the people who made the Volt happen from Bob Lutz to the designers, engineers and even the people who build the Volt.

No single car in recent memory has captured the imagination of the American car buyers more.? The Volt gets plugged in and when it?s charged it can be driven until the batteries run out of juice, at about 40 miles, then just like the Eveready bunny?it keeps on going, using a small gasoline engine to extend the distance, to more than 300 miles.

In 144 pages with 236 color photos, Edsall takes the reader on the adventure that created one of the most revolutionary new cars in recent history.? The result was in-depth interviews of the designers, engineers, aerodynamicists who help document the birth of the car that was recently named Motor Trend? Car of the Year.

If you?ve ever wondered about the Volt, or thought you might like to own one, this hardcover book is a ?must read?.

In his forward to the book, GM Car Guru Bob Lutz, said, ?I?ve been saying that the Volt program it the most exciting project I?ve been involved with in my entire career in the auto business.? I knew it would be, and I still feel that way today, now that the Volt is ready to hit American Roads.?

For more information on Edsall?s book, or to buy at copy ($30) go The Chevrolet Volt is also available at and anywhere books are sold.

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