Books: How to Design Cars Like a Pro

A Must-Have Book for Car Enthusiasts

In 2003, Motorbooks released a book on automotive design that became one of their best-sellers in the niche automotive press market, selling nearly 25,000 copies.? Now that book is being recreated, as they say in the auto business, from the ground up, and it?s a ?must have? for any auto enthusiast.

How to Design Cars Like A Pro, by Tony Lewin and Ryan Borroff pulls back the sheet metal and reveals the inner workings of modern automotive design. The 208-page, larger format paperback book includes interviews with many of the designers currently pushing design envelopes.

Ian Callum, Design Director of Jaguar Cars sets the mood for the book with his opening remarks in the books Forward, ?I really can?t image a more exciting time to become a car designer.? New challenges and demands on the motor car are going to change the comfortable assumptions we have had for many years.? Changes include safety, resources, and of course, sustainability.?

The authors have included conversations with leading designers from Ford, BMW, GM, Jaguar, Nissan and other leading companies.

The book deals with the latest trends and concepts and reveals a fascinating mix of the art and science of creating a new automobile.

The book also shows a historical perspective of the business, but the most interesting part has to be the tutorial on the elements of design.

How to Design Cars Like A Pro includes 337 color and 66 black and white images.? The book sells for $29.99 and is available online through, a division of Quaryside Publishing Group.

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