Books: How to Make Your Car Last Forever

A Real Life Car Owner’s Manual

The secret to wringing the most of your car is no longer a secret.? Tom Torbjornsen?s new book, How to Make Your Car Last Forever documents how to avoid expensive repairs, improve fuel economy and save money.

Torbjornsen is a car repair expert with 35 years experience in the auto industry and is host of the satellite radio show America?s Car Show with Tom Torbjornsen.

This book is like a user?s manual for the car owner, showing how to keep it in tip-top condition with preventative maintenance, identifying potential problems and making simple repairs yourself.? It also helps explain vehicle warranties so the owner can get all the benefits.

The 175-page paperback book contains 225 color photos illustrating simple ways to get the job done.

Torbjornsen doesn?t actually expect your car to last forever, but using his advice, it will certainly last a lot longer, be more dependable and will save you money in the long run.

How to Make Your Car Last Forever sells for $24.99 and would make a great gift for any car owner. ?It?s published by Motorbooks, which is a division of Quayside Publishing Group. ?For more information, or to order on-line go to

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