Books: Jaguar E-Type: A Celebration of the World?s Favourite ?60s Icon

Probably no other car is more thought of as the iconic great car from the 1960?s than the Jaguar E-Type.

When it was introduced at the Geneva auto show in 1961 newspapers said of the E-Type:

  • ?The most wanted car in the world ? it will be a winner everywhere.?? Daily Mail.
  • ?Driving the car is more like flying than motoring.? Daily Telegraph.
  • ?WHAM! And you are doing 150 miles an hour ? new Jaguar can beat the world.? Daily Express

There was nothing like the E-Type, with its long low bonnet, ?which took up nearly half the car?s length and covered the long powerful inline six-cylinder engine.

In his new book, Jaguar E-Type: A Celebration of the World?s Favourite ?60?s icon, well-known Jaguar historian Nigel Thorley follows the history of the celebrated Jaguar from heritage to creation and then on through the lifespan and all the iterations from 1961 through 1975.

The book is published to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the E-Type, as an expanded second edition to the highly successful title in the Haynes ?Great Cars? series.

The 184-page hardcover contains 200 color and 50 black and white photographs of everything E-Type.? Its sells for $39.95.

The beautiful and informative book is published by Hanes Publishing and is available at books stores or from Quayside Distribution services, the world?s leading publisher of enthusiast books and the world?s leading North American distributor of enthusiast books form publishers around the world.?? For more information or to order go to

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