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Great Car Stories

Who says stories about cars are not great literature ? ?The stories in Life is a Highway:? A Century of Great Automotive Writing, prove automotive literature is alive and well in America.

Editors Darwin Holmstrom and Melinda Keefe, who have been steeped in have in automotive writing for years, have compiled 44 wonderful stories about the car, automotive events and the people involved.? With carefully chosen short selections from a broad range of writers from Stephen King and Hunter S. Thompson to legends like Tom McCahill and David E. Davis Jr. the book is filled memorable stories.? Even contemporaries like Peter Egan, Jay Leno, Jean Lindamood and dozens of other familiar names have contributed to this fascinating book.

In hardcover format, Life is a Highway, includes 63 classic black and white illustrations into the 288-page volume .

Editor Darwin Holmstrom, a senior acquisitions editor for MBI Publishing, has written or co-authored more than a dozen books on cars and motorcycles.? Co-editor Melinda Keefe, who also works as and MBI Publishing editor, has contributed to various Motorbooks titles on a broad range of automotive topics.

Life is a Highway is available at or through It?s published by Motorbooks, a division of Quayside Publishing Group of Minneapolis.? For more on this and other auto-related books also check out


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