Books: “The Cobra in the Barn”

Everyone who is into cars has heard stories about a great old car someone found in a barn.? Tom Cotter, a regular contributor to Road & Track magazine has chronicled more than 40 of the stories in his new book The Cobra in the Barn documenting that the finds are more than just urban legends. Cobras Ferraris, Cords and dozens of other pieces of automotive history are discovered in all sorts of places including a Cobra in a bedroom.?? The book is a treasure, as are the cars. Like a book of short stories, each of Cotter?s chapters is an interesting vignette setting the mind wondering what?s left to be discovered.

Cotter is pure ?car guy? and an avid collector himself. The Cobra in the Barn, is a paperback release of the first ?In the Barn? book written by Cotter.? Other titles include Hemi n the Barn, Vincent in the Barn and the upcoming (Fall 2010) Corvette in the Barn.

The 256-page paperback has 125 photos in color and black and white documenting these wonderful stories.

?The Cobra in the Barn is available through Motorbooks, a division of Quayside Publishing Group of Minneapolis.? For more information or to buy this book go to

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