Books: The Complete Idiot?s Guide to RVing

To RV or not to RV, that is the question.? I?ve always been under the impression it is better to drive a car and stay in motels or fly when traveling, but the book, The Complete Idiot?s Guide to RVing provides a more intelligent insight into the wide world of recreational vehicles.

Authors Brent Peterson and April Maher, have put together essentially ?everything you wanted to know about RVing into the ubiquitous guide to taking your bed on the road with you, or behind you.

Learn about the wide variety of vehicle choices, reviewing the functions, requirements, operating costs, advantages and disadvantages and all those other things you may have wondered about.? For $19.95, it?s a great way to learn about RVing without having to make any commitments, or even spend time at the local RV show.

More than 30 million Americans travel the nation in RVs, and growth in the industry shows no sign of slowing. RVing leaves a smaller carbon footprint than traditional fly/hotel/drive vacations and actually saves money than other types of family vacations.

RV owners agree that RVing allows for more family togetherness, a less-expensive vacation, and a great way to avoid the illnesses travelers pick up in airplanes, hotels, and on cruise ships.?The Complete Idiot?s Guide??to RVing, Third Edition?,?gives travelers everything they need to know to buy, operate, and enjoy the RV of their dreams, including:

  • ? Choosing and buying the right RV
  • ? Tips on negotiating the price, buying insurance, and understanding RV regulations
  • ? Information on economical options and more fuel-efficient RVs
  • ? Expanded details on operating RVs
  • ? A non-crash course in RV driving
  • ? Choosing and staying at campgrounds
  • ? Essentials of ?boondocking? ? camping in remote locations
  • ? RV and camping safety measures

The Complete Idiot?s Guide??to RVing, Third Edition?also includes detailed guides for DIY maintenance, winterizing, and spring start-up procedures.


Brent Peterson (Chicago)is a veteran RV writer and editor, as well as an avid camper and traveler. He is former editor of?RV View,?a magazine devoted to the more technical aspects of owning an RV, and past editor-at-large for Woodall?s Publishing, home to seven consumer titles about RV travel. Brent?s articles have appeared in Coast to Coast, Highways,?and?Camping Life?magazines, focusing on such topics as vehicle road tests, travel pieces, product evaluations, lifestyle articles, and industry trends.

April?Maher (New Orleans) writes about camping and outdoor recreation in a syndicated monthly column called ?Camping Journal. She worked for Rand McNally for over 20 years before becoming a freelancer.

The Complete Idiot?s Guide??to RVing, Third Edition is one of the Complete Idiot?s Guide? series and is published by Alpha Books under the imprint of DK Publishing.? The 364 paperback book sells for $19.95 and is available in bookstores.


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