Books: The Corvette in the Barn

Don?t be deceived by the title of Tom Cotter?s new book, The Corvette in the Barn, because it?s not all about finding a Corvette.? Instead, the book is a continuation of Cotter?s 2005 book, The Cobra in the Barn about automotive archaeology.

A great fantasy of car collectors is stumbling on a rare car tucked away in the corner of a barn or warehouse.? While such stories are the basis for many urban legends, Cotter documents real-life stories of the men and women who went looking for, or simply stumbled across a treasure or an interesting piece of history.

There are some Corvettes among the 256-pages but the finds range from racecars to Gullwing Mercedes to a Hemi ?Cuda in a cornfield.

Documented with 125 color photos, Cotter?s book is a great find for anyone with dreams of cars yet to be found.

Cotter is a regular contributor to Road & Track and other magazines.? This is his fourth book about vehicular archaeology.? The Cobra in the Barn won a 2006 International Automotive Media Award and was followed by The Hemi in the Barn and The Vincent in the Barn.

he Corvette in the Barn and other auto-related books are available through the publisher at Motorbooks is a division of the Quayside Publishing Group of Minneapolis.


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