Brand new RVs mean brand new buyers. Who are they?

​​​​I​​ saw and participated in the Elkhart Indiana RV Open house. Makers around the country have converged to showcase some of their newest technologies and RVs for 2023. If there’s one thing we’re learning about the RV industry post, the pandemic is that consumers just wanted to get out more.

So what does that mean? One hundred forty billion dollars in economic impact; here in Elkhart, Indiana, more than a million RVs have been built and sold across this country.

So what is it that we, the consumers, are looking for? First, let’s look at who the consumer is and the new median age for an RV. The buyer is currently 33 years old, down from 53 years old.

So they’re looking for very specific things in RVs. Here are some great examples. The Forest River and they’re calling this the pause, and what I like the most about this is it is a small travel trailer, and it’s got a rugged exterior, but on the inside, I always think about my wife. It’s super luxurious inside, with a farmhouse sink and a shower. All of the Creature Comforts that I expect and want at home.

I had a chance to tour the alliance RV manufacturing facility, and the all-new Valor is exceptional. I like to take my toys on the road, whether my motorcycle, mountain bike, or even a kayak or ATV. These have garages on the rear that drop down. That allows you to take your toys with you.

Another company I love is New Camp, which is a company known for its very small teardrop trailers. But not the latest one called the Cirrus 820, and this is a truck camper that fits in your existing truck bed, so you don’t actually have to tow it.

It fits right inside, and you get all the amenities you would get​ in a standard travel trailer inside your truck, a bed with a serious 820.

One of my favorite travel trailers is The Sonic X by Thor. Here’s what makes it unique. It’s got an utterly​​ rugged exterior, meant to go off-road. But two key features make it a standout. It’s called The Nomad double water filtration system. Simply take the hose, drop it in any body of water, and what does that do? It gives you clean drinking water. And inside, you have this incredible lockable safe to put away all your outdoor adventure toys. That’s the latest Happening in Elkhart, Indiana, at the RV show.

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