Cadillac Escalade V // The world’s most powerful full-size third-row SUV

We all know that gas prices are the highest they have ever been in a long time but despite that, Cadillac is bringing out the Escalade V. This is the most powerful SUV in the industry and Cadillac will sell every single one they build. In fact, Americans have been asking for this SUV and boy is it powerful. It is the industry’s most powerful full-size SUV. Imagine a three-row race car that has 682 horsepower that is 69 times more powerful than Cadillac’s first car.

Even starting at a price of $153,000 dollars they will be in short supply because this monster already has been pre-ordered by fans and it’s quick. You can take the whole family in three rows from zero to 60 in just 4.4 seconds. Oh, we tested it. It’s not only the sound that is like angels singing, But the first time AGK has put a sound system inside a vehicle. They teamed up with Cadillac for the Escalade V to put a 36, speaker sound system inside this vehicle and it almost sounds as good as the exhaust.

With the massive amount of power and speed, the Escalade V corners beautifully. The Escalade V raises and lowers itself and has the side steps, which fall down from the doors. But it also has Magnetic Ride Control. During that speed with a massive 600-plus horsepower engine, it can be very comfortable and the vehicle sways less on corners which makes it fun for all the family and means you have to carry fewer sick bags in the second and third row.

You can be sure that Cadillac will take care of your backside. When you go on a long road trip, I have to say that Cadillac has got one thing, absolutely perfectly correct. And that is a 16-way adjustable driver’s seat and massaging seat. So Road trip, I’ll take you any time,

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