Condor Pit-Stop – Trailer-Stop Motorcycle Product Review

?Condor Pit-Stop – Trailer-Stop Motorcycle Product Review?

An Innovative space and work saver


If your garage space is cramped and limited, and your bike or bikes take up too much room when on their side stand and if you would like to simplify home oil and filter changes by having your bike in a perfectly upright position, there?s a single product available that will take care of both issues ? it?s the Condor Pit-Stop – Trailer-Stop wheel chock.

The Condor Pit-Stop – Trailer-Stop is a fully adjustable wheel locking chock system that?s designed to securely support a motorcycle in a totally upright position, and it can be placed on virtually any flat surface such as: a concrete garage floor, an asphalt driveway or street, on a grass lawn, or even sand and gravel surfaces, keeping almost any two-wheeled transport standing straight up. The Condor Wheel Chock provides lateral stability that equals the security of four tie-down straps, and it is able to accommodate either a front or rear wheel from 15-inches to 22-inches, in tire widths from 80mm to 220mm, so it work for dirt bikes, sport bikes or touring bikes including both domestic and metric production models. There is even an available adapter kit for really wide monster rear tires up to 300mm. Condor also manufactures a specially designed ?Chopper Chock? for radically long, extended rake front forks with low, close-fitting front fenders, that will position the bike upright and secure on a permanent flat surface or trailer.













Ease of use is key ? simply roll the bike onto the pivoting cradle until the leading edge of the wheel and tire engages the upright, and the bike locks into place. Getting the bike into and out of the Condor Pit-Stop- Trailer-Stop is actually easier than setting it onto its side stand or center stand.


The Condor Pit-Stop – Trailer-Stop?s patented cradle is adjustable for any type of motorcycle weighing up to 1,200 pounds. There is special chock designed especially for scooters. It is not necessary to use the Trailer Adapter Kit, or to drill holes in the bed when hauling a bike in a pickup truck ? simply use the chock in the bed and use the truck?s existing tie-down cleats for added security. The Condor Chock weighs only 21 pounds, so it?s easy to remove and use at the track or trail, or to move outside the garage to hold the bike upright for service, washing or detailing. When hauling by truck or trailoring, two tie-downs straps will normally suffice, and cranking down gently on the bike?s suspension is all that is needed, avoiding damage to sensitive suspension componentry such as such as internal shock parts and fork seals, making it ideal for long trips to Sturgis or Daytona where the bike is tied down for extended periods.


Double duty (truck or trailer) is made possible utilizing the well-designed and very small bracket that mounts easily to the platform of any trailer. Installation and removal may be accomplished in less than a minute ? great for heading out to a track day, where the Condor Chock may also be used as a track stand.


The Condor Pit-Stop – Trailer-Stop represents inexpensive insurance when transporting one?s two-wheeled treasure. The unit sells for $259.75 plus shipping and handling (add $25 for the Trailer Adaptor Kit). Secure transport can eliminate damage in transit, such as dented or scraped bodywork, a broken mirror or bent lever or bars. Condor has been manufacturing top quality motorcycle and scooter support, transport and security products for several years, and they are made in America. More information and an instructional video may be viewed by visiting call 800-461-1344.?Even if you own only one bike, owning a Condor Pit-Stop / Trailer-Stop makes good sense. Demonstrations are available at IMS shows around the country as well at major rallies such as Daytona, Laconia and Sturgis.

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