Electrification is upon us, which EV should you buy?

There’s going to be a bumper crop of new electric vehicles this year. The popularity of EVs is expected to double every year from here. On out in 2021. According to Auto Pacific. Only three percent of Americans were considering electric vehicles. Now, that’s up to 6%. But this hunger for those interested to find out about electric vehicles is strong.

And this year, we will see more than ever before. The Volvo C40 has 402 horsepower and is the first model. In the Swedish Brands history to be designed and produced exclusively as an electric vehicle.

The Subaru Solterra is their first all-electric vehicle that’ll do 220 miles plus on a single charge. Subaru is the "let’s go on an adventure, go-anywhere" brand so we’ll see what it can do. It has 218 horsepower, sporting a name derived from a combination of the Latin words for Sun and Earth, the 2023 Subaru, Solterra stays true to the automaker’s brand ethos with an advanced all-wheel-drive system off-road capability, and the latest high-tech Safety Systems.

Toyota, famous for their hybrids, introduced their electric BZ4-X, which will do 250 miles on a single charge. It has 201 horsepower developed alongside the Subaru Solterra. The poorly named Toyota BZ4-X compact crossover will initially be offered exclusively with a single motor front-wheel drive. the dual motor. All-wheel-drive versions will arrive at a later date.

The Ford factory is already up and running making the new Ford F-150 Lightning. Ford says it’ll do up to 300 miles on a single charge. It costs under 40,000 dollars starting price, but will it be a winner? It certainly came to the Market before the Tesla cyber truck. It has 563 horsepower, and Ford intends to shake up the full-size pickup truck market with the F-150 Lightning, the first all-electric, full-size pickup truck based on the best-selling F-150 touting more talk than ever before in a production F-150,

One vehicle that’s already captured the hearts of Americans, is the GMC Hummer EV truck. The EV Hummer can crab walk, that’s where it drives sideways. The range is 350 miles plus. The power comes in threes as in three electric motors and1,000 horsepower.

General Motors re-establishes the Hummer name on an advanced fully electric truck. The first model to use GM’s Next Generation electric powertrain, which should deliver impressive off-road capability and extreme on-road Performance sporting plenty of high-tech features.

The Hummer EV introduces a new four-wheel steering system that allows the rear wheels to steer up to 10 degrees. In either Direction.

New electric vehicles are arriving daily and being announced weekly. And now apparently are able to crab walk. Take that parallel parking.

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