Environmentally Friendly Wheel Weights by 3M

With 50 million pounds of lead being attached to wheels annually in the U.S. the Environmental Protection Agency has started the National Lead-Free Wheel Weight Initiative to help remove some of the lead from the environment.? As a charter member of that initiative, 3M has created a composite-based wheel weight system, designed to reduce the lead impact on the environment.

The system uses a proven 3M? Automotive Attachment tape to apply the weights insuring a long life on the wheel.? The materials are dispensed in a roll so they can be custom cut to the exact weight required for precision balancing.? The tape, made from a lead-free composite material, is corrosion resistant so it won?t leave rust stains on expensive wheels. ?For more information about 3M?s wheel weight system go to www.3M.com/wheelweights.

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