EXCLUSIVE ELECTRIC NEWS: 2022 Subaru Solterra // Subaru’s 1st Electric vehicle

Sometimes being me isn’t horrible, I’m a lucky guy because I get to test out and put some miles on Subaru’s first-ever all-electric all-wheel-drive, Solterra. This is their first all-electric vehicle and it’s also capable of taking your family on an off-road adventure co-developed with Toyota and their BZ4X, but is it wildly different? I was able to get it on the road and on the track and find it out. And when I say track, I mean off-road track.

Subaru has the honor of having created the first Adventure off-road all-wheel drive purpose-built electric vehicle in America. The company has long been a favorite of outdoor lovers and those that love summer and winter sports. Subaru has given us the chance to come and drive the Solterra on some gravelly roads, which is probably as much as you do as a consumer.

The first thing you notice is apart from the road noise is quiet driving and gravelly, a little bumpy. But the cool thing is it has eight point three inches of ground clearance. So, some of those bumps, some of those humps, some of those logs that you’d find on your weekend warrior adventure. No problem with this electric four-wheel-drive vehicle.

The Solterra has more standard torque than the VW ID 4 and the Mazda CX30 EV and it has better ground clearance than the Tesla Model Y and the Mustang Mach E.

Safety is important for Subaru with the available 360-degree camera and standard eyesight heads-up and an extensive list of standard and available safety features. The Solterra has an enormous number of impressive options. Subaru has a good majority of its federal tax credits available, but a lot of companies have already exhausted them like General Motors and Tesla, and some are about to exhaust their supply. These vehicles are heading to showrooms as we speak. And those federal tax credits are still available on the Solterra

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