Exclusive Electric News // The 7th generation 7 Series i7 BMW with 8K 31in TV

BMW is unveiling the seventh generation of its seven series and it will come in three different variants at launch. A 760, a 740, and an i7. The i7 is of course all-electric. This is the pinnacle of everything that BMW does absolutely perfectly. This is their Sistine ceiling and when you pay attention to the front of both, these 760 and the 740. You’ll notice that they have a very chiseled look.

The i7 is very smooth and very different. The door handles are inlaid and open in two different ways. You can either slide your hand in and hit the button underneath and open the door in a traditional way or push a button and watch the door open automatically.

All the latest infotainment and Technical equipment that you could possibly want in this vehicle. This seven series also has something in the back that you will absolutely be blown away at. And I have never seen any other vehicle in my life. In the back of the i7, you have an immersive theater experience with a 31-inch screen, which folds down from the roof of the vehicle. And on this screen, you can get 8k video that can stream on Amazon Fire TV. It’s an amazing experience. Coupled with the sound of 34 speakers and almost 2,000 Watts with the fully reclining seats and the ottoman that comes out.

You could actually push the passenger front seat, all the way forward and relax. I’m not sure why you would ever go to the movie theater again when you have your own private movie theater in the back of the new seven series. Just another piece of that Sistine ceiling. Beautiful artwork and Technology the Pinnacle of engineering that makes everything of this BMW 7 Series, the latest in a driver’s car.

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