Exposed ? the Subaru BRZ Concept -STI

After years of speculation, Subaru finally pulled the wraps off an all-new concept version of its upcoming BRZ sports car at the 2011 Los?Angles?International Auto Show.

The Subaru BRZ Concept-STI combines the lightweight two-seat sports car that Subaru has been developing with Toyota with the racing elements of Subaru?s STI performance brand.

The body is sleek and muscular with a hexagonal lower front grille, hawk eye headlights and fin-shaped fog lamps are instantly recognizable as Subaru. The exterior color ?WR Blue Pearl II? is a new generation of the iconic WR blue paint scheme that has adorned both racing?and?production STI?s.

The body is set-off with aero-tuned lower front spoiler, unique rear fascia and a rear wing for added down-force.? A carbon-fiber roof has been added to lower the center of gravity, which will be one of the lowest of any car made.?The rear design features bold rear fender flares and large rear-diffuser giving way to polished stainless-steel quad-tailpipes. Vented rear bumper corners contribute to improved aerodynamics performance.

?The concept car employs the new Subaru ?FA? BOXER? engine exclusively designed for the RWD BRZ sports car. The 2.0-liter naturally-aspirated four-cylinder boxer engine has a square bore and stroke of 86 X 86 mm. The engine employs a direct injection fuel system, which further improves combustion efficiency, running smoothness up to high rpm and high environmental standards.

The lightened BRZ Concept ? STI – features an STI-tuned suspension, Brembo? brakes and unique 18-inch wheels and tires. The Subaru-engineered and built chassis boasts a rigid frame housing a?two-plus-two interior and front engine/rear-wheel drive layout.?A near perfect balance is achieved with the engine mounded low and rearward in the engine compartment.?It is 4.7 inches lower and is positioned 9.4 inches closer to the center of the chassis compared to a Subaru Impreza.

The first RWD Subaru,?the production Subaru BRZ will begin production in spring 2012 as the only mass-produced front-engine, BOXER engine rear-wheel drive sports car in the world.


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