First Z06 Sells for $3.6 Million: Corvette is a 70 year old Icon!

The Magical Dollar amount for a Special Chevy Corvette ZO6 was $3.6 and it sold for a worthy cause. Operation. The Z06 had VIN number 001. Although the Corvette Z06 won’t go into full production until later this year the first one coming off the assembly line has been sold to help Operation Homefront. Operation Homefront is a nonprofit organization that helps military families with urgent needs. $3.6 million is a record amount for a charity from the sale of a vehicle donated by the manufacturer.

The legendary nameplate: Chevy Corvette has been around 70 years. As part of the 70-year celebration, I expect this birthday to bring an all-new trim level for this iconic nameplate for both the Stingray and for the ZO6 package from both the Stingray and the ZO6 Corvette

Why did the Z06 get so much money at auction? Mike Caudill thinks that $3.6 million was gained because of the exterior design, he says, “sometimes frankly when I’m looking at a C8 I’m not sure if I’m looking at a Ferrari or a Corvette” One thing that differentiates the Corvette C8 from any other sports car in the US is the sound of its exhaust. The ZLT with the Z51 package is amazing. Can you imagine what a Z06 is going to sound like?

So, performed? well, is a Corvette, the Stingray is known for its blistering lap times and sports car-like handling especially with the optional Z51 package, and when you engage the Z 51 button on the steering wheel you immediately know that just goes from being a sports car to a race car not bad for a 70-year-old!

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