Five Exciting EVs Coming Soon

© General MotorsGrowing Popularity
In America the popularity of electric vehicles continues to climb. According to InsideEVs, the U.S. market share for battery-electric vehicles has almost doubled in the last year, with a steady stream of new EV offerings arriving in showrooms. And as gasoline prices escalate toward record levels in the U.S., so has interest in EVs. Take a quick look at the five new EVs we’re most excited about — all of which should be on sale before the end of the year.

© Subaru of AmericaSubaru Solterra
Price: TBA
Range: 220+ miles
Power: Dual motor, 218 horsepower
Sporting a name derived from a combination of the Latin words for sun and earth, the 2023 Subaru Solterra stays true to the automaker’s brand ethos with an advanced all-wheel-drive system, off-road capability and the latest high-tech safety systems. The Solterra is Subaru’s first all-electric vehicle to be sold in America.

© Volvo Cars North AmericaVolvo C40 Recharge
Price: Starting at $58,750
Range: 210 miles
Power: Dual electric motors, 402 horsepower
The Volvo C40 Recharge is the first model in the Swedish brand’s history to be designed and produced exclusively as an electric vehicle. A compact 4-door crossover coupe, the C40 Recharge features a new front-end design — similar to the XC40 Recharge — that will become the styling adopted by future Volvo EVs.

© Toyota Motor Sales USAToyota bz4x
Price: TBA
Range: 250 miles
Power: Single motor, 201 horsepower
Developed alongside the Subaru Solterra, the poorly named Toyota bz4x compact crossover will initially be offered exclusively with single-motor front-wheel drive; the dual-motor all-wheel-drive version will arrive at a later date. With a spacious interior as well as high-tech comfort and safety features, the bz4x is the first of several battery-electric vehicles that Toyota has in its plan pipeline.

© Ford Motor CompanyFord F-150 Lightning
Price: Starting at $39,974
Range: 230–300 miles
Power: Dual electric motors, 563 horsepower
Ford intends to shake up the full-size pickup truck market with the F-150 Lightning — the first all-electric full-size truck — based on the best-selling F-150. Touting more torque than ever before in a production F-150 (775 lb-ft), the Lightning delivers full truck capability. This electric F-150 has a tow rating up to 10,000 pounds and the ability to sprint to 60 mph in a mere 4 seconds.

© General MotorsGMC Hummer
Price: $112,595 (Edition 1)
Range: 350+ miles
Power: Three electric motors, 1000 horsepower
General Motors reestablishes the Hummer name on an advanced full-electric truck — the first model to use GM’s next-generation electric powertrain, which should deliver impressive off-road capability and extreme on-road performance. Sporting plenty of high-tech features, the Hummer EV introduces a new 4-wheel steering system that allows the rear wheels to steer up to 10 degrees in either direction. The rear wheels can steer in the opposing direction of the front wheels for increased maneuverability, or steer in the same direction as the fronts so the EV has the ability to move diagonally and thus crabwalk in tight spaces.

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