Ford is having a Fuel Economy Fiesta

When the Fiesta arrives at Ford dealers this summer it will be the most fuel-efficient car in its class eclipsing the Honda Fit and Toyota Yaris.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has certified the Fiesta with six-speed PowerShift automatic transmission at 29 mpg city and 40 mpg highway.? That makes it 5 mpg better than the Honda Fit and 4 mpg better than the Toyota Yaris.

?The new Fiesta is yet another car in Ford?s lineup that delivers class-leading fuel economy,? said Barb Samardzich, vice president, Global Powertrain Engineering. ?From Super Duty to Fusion Hybrid and the new Mustang V-6, Ford is committed to fuel economy leadership with every new vehicle it introduces in all segments.?

The Fiesta achieves its best-in-segment fuel figures thanks to a host of fuel-saving technologies not normally seen at this price level. To increase fuel economy, Fiesta features a new 1.6-liter Duratec?engine with Twin Independent Variable Camshaft Timing (Ti-VCT) that delivers 120 horsepower, an aggressive deceleration fuel shutoff and an engine accessory drive system that improves efficiency by reducing the energy it takes to power the air conditioner and alternator.

In addition, the Fiesta also features the PowerShift transmission, a six-speed automatic that combines the fuel benefits of a manual with the convenience of an automatic. Combine that with electric power-assisted steering, another fuel saver and some aerodynamic optimizations and you have a car that can go a long way on a single tank of fuel.

The 2011 Fiesta with standard five-speed manual transmission is EPA rated at 28 mpg city and 37 mpg highway.

These efficiency innovations combine with the stylish and aerodynamically clean Fiesta body design to efficiently slip through the wind with both fuel savings and reduced wind noise.

Fiesta is built for North American markets at Ford?s manufacturing facility in Cuautitlan, Mexico. The vehicle goes on sale in four-door sedan and five-door hatchback body styles ? with the sedan starting at $13,995, including destination charges ? at Ford dealerships this summer.

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