GM & LG are Going to Make Electric Vehicles Together

The company we know for making high-quality consumer appliances like flat screen televisions and refrigerators, LG, is going in partnership with General Motors to develop electric vehicles.? The GM-LG relationship began when LG started to supply the cells for the battery pack of the Chevrolet Volt and Opel Ampera.? It expanded in 2010 with work on a demonstration fleet of Chevrolet Cruze electric vehicles.

General Motors and LG Group plan to jointly design and engineer future electric vehicles using each other?s expertise. ?The agreement will help GM expand the number and types of electric vehicles it makes and sells by using LG?s proven expertise in batteries and other systems. ?For LG, the arrangement represents a widening of its portfolio as an automotive solution provider.

?Many solutions for tomorrow?s transportation needs may be available more quickly by building on our partnership strategy,? said GM Vice Chairman Steve Girsky. ?Consumers benefit by getting the latest fuel-saving technology faster if we work with the best suppliers and we save time and money in the development process.?

The success of the extended-range propulsion system in the Volt and Ampera led to exploring other collaborations in the electrification of the automobile. Teams of LG and GM engineers will work on key components, as well as vehicle structures and architectures. Vehicles resulting from the partnership will be sold in many countries.

?This is a strategic development for LG and we fully support GM?s goal to lead the industry in the electrification of the automobile,? said Juno Cho, president and chief operating officer of LG Corp.

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