2012 Honda Civic HF







This is traditionally Honda’s highest fuel economy Civic that is just a?gasoline?engine. ?It is?specifically?tuned to make the most out of every gallon of gas. ?It has the same power plant as the rest of the Civic lineup. ?Honda offer numbers for fuel economy 29 MPG in the City and 41 MPG on the highway.??It looks like a Civic but you will have to?adjust?your focus to see a few changes, the?differences?are things like some?aerodynamic?aids at the front, like an?aerodynamic?deck lid spoiler and different wheels that are unique to this model and have low rolling?resistance?tiers. The whole car was lowered and some things you cant see like the?aerodynamic?changes?underneath?the car. ?These allow the Civic to cut through the air better, making the car more slippery and reducing drag therefor reducing the amount of gas you use. ?It sounds simple but Honda put a lot effort into these changes with some impressive increases from the regular Civic.

The HF does come with Cloth on the seats but is?available?in a couple of trims. ?On the Tech side the Civic offers a Multi-informational display that has the current song playing. ?It even gives you the option to choose a favorite photo as your wall paper.


Driving the Honda Civic HF did not feel?remarkably?different that the pleasant drive of any other Honda Civic. ?It felt like it struggled on hills a little more that it’s older brother but that may have?just?been in my mind!

Honda say they expect the HF to make up 2% of over all civic sales and gives you a whole new take on the fuel economy war.

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