Hyundai Ioniq // Tax credits are going fast, watch and learn!

I was recently out in Nashville Tennessee with Hyundai to drive a range of electric and hybrid vehicles. By 2030 Hyundai will have about eleven electrified vehicles on the road around the world.

And here’s the cool thing. Hyundai still has quite a lot of money available in the federal tax credit bin. These electrics are able to get $7,500 dollars tax credit and the plug-in hybrids are still eligible for the $6,500 Federal tax credits.

Now, this isn’t for everybody, not everybody wants an electrified vehicle. So they have built these vehicles to a scalable effect. And that means if people are interested in plug-in hybrids or electric vehicles, they will build them. But if America decides they want gas, they can also build plenty of gas vehicles as well.

There’s no question that Hyundai is committed to electrification. The chairman of Hyundai just announced a dedicated EV and Battery Factory in Georgia. Bringing 8,100 jobs to America. I had the opportunity to drive any of the vehicles that we started off talking about. But we have chosen to talk and drive the Ioniq 5 and this is the beginning of the latest electric-only vehicles from Hyundai, the Ioniq 6 comes later this year, which is a sporty sedan, then the 7 and then the absolutely huge Ioniq 9, which is going to be somewhere along the same size as the Palisade a big SUV.

Car companies, Truck companies, tire companies, and all the companies are getting ready to supply all different powertrains that suit everybody. If you’re into gas, electric, or a combination of both, make sure that you get whatever you need before those tax credits expire. Because you don’t want to have a sad face if you can’t get a little bit of cashback from the US Government.

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